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Best Selling Author and NMI President, Dr Rick Kirschner

Best Selling Author and NMI President, Dr Rick Kirschner

Dr. Rick Kirschner shares thoughts on change, opportunity, and this moment in history...

Inviting Dr. Rick Kirschner, who happens to be my dad, to be a guest on my podcast may feel like nepotism, but as the founder of my company and an expert in communication, change, and vitality how could I not?

My dad is the creator and developer of a powerful approach to dealing with change that unlocks creativity, enhances team communication, and increases commitment, using a palette of essential attitudes, behaviors, and skills for communication and cooperation. His approach and methods are alive and well in the work, I deliver as a trainer, coach, and keynote speaker.

He's been influential for many, and particularly so for me, as those of you who have watched my TEDx on embracing change already know.

He is the best selling author of numerous books and multimedia programs, including the co-authored international bestseller, Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst, Love Thy Customer, Life By Design, How To Click With People, all of which are available at your local bookseller (of course you can always order through mine...), and the comprehensive communication program, Insider’s Guide To The Art of Persuasion, which is available for purchase on the Art of Change website.

A 1981 graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine,

Dr. Kirschner is the President of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute,

a long-time faculty member with the Institute for Management Studies,

and a thought leader with Athena Interactive.

He has delivered his expertise in thousands of radio and television appearances, interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, from CNBC and CBC to FOX, the Wall Street Journal to the USA Today.

Ways to check out Dr. Kirschner's work:

1) Dr. Rick's blog archive

which offers thoughts, insight helpful communication tips, practices, and more is available for FREE here.

2) Dr. Rick's Documentary

Made with healthcare providers in mind, Dr. Kirschner's Documentary speaks to why it so often feels that good health is a low priority in the US.

If you're interested in watching this 1 hour 45 min film you can do so here.

You can watch the trailer HERE

3) Dr. Rick's podcast The Vital Conversation

The Vital Conversation is a groundbreaking, inspiring, and paradigm-shifting conference call featuring Naturopathic Physicians from around the world and available to the public. Learn more here

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