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Melissa Thornley, Executive Coach and Consultant

Melissa Thornley, Executive Coach and Consultant

Episode 12 of the Changed Podcast features Executive Coach/Consultant, Melissa Thornley

Trying to describe Melissa Thornley is like trying to describe a beautiful patchwork quilt or the contents of a haberdashery. The question isn't to ask her what has she done... better to ask what hasn't she done! From burlesque to executive coaching Melissa is a woman of many talents, a lot of fascinating experiences, and a journey that continues to unfold. When I asked her "what are your feelings about change?" in her interview on the Changed Podcast, it was no surprise that the answer came back, "I thrive on it!"

Specializing in emotional intelligence and instinctive working styles, Melissa Thornley operates at the intersection of the left brain and right brain. 

She has years of experience as an advertising/film industry executive. Melissa led creative teams in Chicago, New York, and London. Previous clients include McDonald’s, Walgreens, Anheuser Busch, Nike, Capital One, Coca-Cola, and PBS. She is also the former Chicago Director of the Institute for Management Studies, where Melissa collaborated with talent and leadership departments of Fortune 500 companies on leadership initiatives to serve emerging leaders to senior-level executives.

In addition to her traditional business background, she often draws upon her training in improv and mindfulness, keeping her creative juices flowing through kung fu, dance, yoga, and writing. 

Takeaways from this conversation:

Sometimes CHANGE shows up in the form of an unexpected gift like getting a phone call on the Nile; or it can be the result of making hard choices, like choosing to leave a job or a marriage.

No matter what kind of change it is, there is a moment when it's not just ok, but critically important to pause, say "I have no idea what I'm doing," reassess and then move forward.

Big journeys begin with little steps. [/read]

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