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Making This up as I Go is a newsletter from Art of Change about finding a middle ground between extreme points of view. About communicating brilliantly, in less than brilliant circumstances. About asking questions and lots of them. And about the wonderful weirdness that is human life on planet Earth.


Here you’ll read an improvisers thoughts on finding the simple, obvious, meaningful path forward… even when circumstances feel messy.

The goals for this newsletter

  • To inspire, entertain, and stimulate thinking, memories, and creative solutions for every day communication obstacles mostly at work (but still applicable at home and elsewhere!)

  • To share valuable insights, techniques and strategies for more effective interpersonal communication

  • To ask questions, seek understanding and encourage you to look at some things from different perspectives than you might otherwise

  • To create a community where people prioritize curiosity, connection and the exploration of ideas over self-righteous indignation, cancellation and the closing down of communication

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About the author: Aden Nepom

Art of Change president, Aden Nepom is a TEDx and keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, podcast host, and award-winning performer, who has taught thousands of executives, industry leaders, and individuals the simple yet powerful steps to communicate well.

Her unique combination of immediately actionable communication tools and improv technique give audiences a hands-on, interactive experience that make a lasting difference in organizational culture, relationship, and collaboration.

About Art of Change

Founded by best-selling author Dr. Rick Kirschner, Art of Change teaches individuals and teams to be better communicators with funny, authentic, and engaging workshops, coaching, and fully customized programs. Art of Change trainings are tailored to each client, and provide actionable insights that give professionals the tools they need to be smart, savvy communicators. → Learn More

Our Most Requested Keynote and Workshop Topics

How to Have Meaningful Conversations Even When You Disagree

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Disagreements are going to happen. Your workplace is no exception. With an increase in digital communication, more than ever before we are poised to misunderstand each other’s intent, meaning, and perspectives. Understanding how to move through challenging conversations is a necessity in today’s corporate world. By providing your employees with this skill, you protect and strengthen your company culture, build psychological safety that fosters great work, and increase employee engagement and retention.

Collaboration & Ideation

Everyone wants groundbreaking, disruptive, innovative ideas to rocket their business into the future. But what we know about amazing ideas, is they often show up as surprises. Instead of demanding that your creative people give you their “best ideas,” which can serve as a recipe for disappointment, learn how to create an environment where amazing ideas show up rapidly and effortlessly. Pulling directly from the instant collaboration successes of improv comedy, THIS SESSION IS FUN! More importantly, the Big Ideas Playground will give you techniques you can immediately take and use to ensure you get the highest return on your brainstorming time, make room for world-changing ideas to show up, and leverage the expertise of your people.

Speaking with Competence & Confidence

You can have the best ideas in the world, but if nobody hears them they’re worthless. The good news is that anyone can learn to communicate well by following a simple set of easy to adopt principles. These effortless pointers can help even the shyest, most tongue-tied people to look, sound, and feel competent and confident when pitching ideas, presenting project outcomes, or asking for what you need at work. When people feel empowered to ask for what they need, or recommend a new path, it increases trust between management and staff leading to a happy workforce that trickles into customer interaction, better performance overall, and an increased bottom line.

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Aden Nepom is a TEDx and keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, podcast host, and award-winning performer, who has taught thousands of executives, industry leaders, and individuals the simple yet powerful steps to communicate well.